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How Do You Drivelapse?

Up until just a few years ago, creating Drivelapse videos would have been difficult and expensive.  You would have needed dozens of video tapes or DVD's to record hours of driving video, then you would have had to load it all into a computer for processing. 

But now, it's pretty easy.  I purchased a Kodak Zi6 high-def video camera in 2009.  It's about the size of a cell-phone, and instead of taking tapes, it records onto a SD memory chip.  Recording in standard definition (640x480), I can record an entire day of driving on a single 16 GB chip. 

The camera goes in the front windshield.  I've tried several different ways to mount it, including a flexible tripod:

This worked well in my Hyundai SUV, but it didn't work in my next rental car.  The slope of the windshield didn't allow enough room for the tripod and the camera.  So, now I use a suction cup, which creates a "bump" on the windshield -- then I wedge the camera in between the dashboard and the bump.  I lay a black towel on the dashboard to control reflections in the glass (and provide some cushion to the camera, making it easier to wedge and un-wedge it when necessary).

When I start driving, I hit Record.  If I pull over or park, I stop recording.  When I start again, I hit Record again.  This way, I don't have a lot of motionless video to edit out, once I get home.

Every night, I download the day's video onto a laptop.  When the trip is over, I start editing -- first assembling the different video clips into one video, then speeding it up.  Most videos run between 6- and 12-times real-time. 

Since making my first video, I've upgraded the equipment I use.  I'm still using a Kodak video camera, although it's a more recent version, with image stabilization.  I also record everything in 720p (I tried 1080p for a while, but the file sizes were too big, and the images weren't much better). 

Submit Your Drivelapse Video

Unfortunately, I am no longer accepting submissions for Drivelapse videos to include on this site.  You can still use this form to contact me, if you'd like.  However, it became too time-intensive to constantly update this site, so unfortunately, I'm limiting the amount of content I'm adding on MyDrivelapse.com.  You can always see my latest videos on my YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/takemytripdotcom

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