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New! Flylapse & Northwest Tour

Check out these two new videos shot in August, 2015.  More are on the way soon!

New! Best Videos from Alaska

Here are a few of the best selections of Drivelapse videos shot in Alaska in June, 2015.

Drive up to Independence Mine, Palmer Alaska

Richardson Highway, Delta Junction to Paxson

Chasing a Midnight Sunset near Denali

Dozens more on my Youtube channel...

Camera Review

Brinno Camera Review.  Is a camera specifically designed for timelapse a good solution for Drivelapse videos?

Top Favorite Dashcam Drives:

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A New MyDrivelapse.com Coming Soon!

We're working behind the scenes on a new, better MyDrivelapse.com website, which will feature fresh videos, and make it easier to search for your favorite locations.  Stay tuned!

Featured Drivelapse Video:

Drivelapse Videos let you drive down a highway you've always dreamed about, without leaving your desk.  Here's a sample:

Go to the Maps page to see the complete list of states and provinces where I've shot Drivelapse videos!

Lake Erie Loop

A long weekend gave me the chance to circle Lake Erie in late June/early July, 2011. In just 4 days I traveled nearly 1,000 miles, and recorded it all.  Check it out:

My quick trip to London, England in May, 2011 didn't allow me enough time to rent a car and explore the countryside.  So, I did the next best thing: I hopped on a double-decker London City Bus and randomly rode around the city.  The camera is mounted in the front window on the top deck, for most of these videos.  One is looking out the rear of a DLR train, and the last is a beauty shot of the Tower Bridge (which has nothing to do with DriveLapsing, but I hope you enjoy it!)


Ready for a whole bunch of Texas drives? Enjoy these trips across the Lone Star State, from San Antonio to Austin to West Texas:

Want to see the fall colors in New England?  Two dozen new Drivelapse videos will take you there, all in full 1080p HD:

Ready to take a drive through Utah and Colorado?  Nearly 4 dozen fresh new Drivelapse videos are ready for your viewing pleasure.  And, from now on, all new videos will be posted in HD 720p!


Good news!  All of the Southern California Drivelapse videos are now edited.  Go ahead and jump right in:

Want to do this too?

Check out the How To Drivelapse page to learn how to create these videos, then submit your time-lapse drive to MyDrivelapse.com!

Just videos, no pictures?

MyDrivelapse.com is devoted entirely to time-lapse dash-cam videos.  My other website, www.TakeMyTrip.com provides the rest of the story: pictures, travel tips, and entire road-trip plans, laid out day-by-day, to help you plan your vacation, or simply enjoy an escape to some place great!  I only began shooting Drivelapse Videos in 2009, but www.TakeMyTrip.com goes back to 2004, with stories and pictures from 32 states. 

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