Fallorado Trip

The West has its own kind of fall colors.  Explore Colorado as the aspen leaves change, then drive down to Albuquerque as colors fill the sky, thanks to a lot of hot air.

Big Sky Trip

Some of the rockiest of the Rocky Mountains are in Montana.  Experience Many Glacier at Glacier National Park, wander into Canada, and explore Washington's Palouse in this 10-night trip.

US 66 Guide

A drive down this iconic road must be on your must-do list. You'll see some amazing neon signs and quirky roadside attractions, and gain an appreciation for the American heartland. 

Georgia Weekend Trip

Just a short visit to the Peach State allows plenty of time to explore Atlanta, sip some Coca-Cola, and stand in Dr. King's church, where history was made. Then, get out of town, and see a few waterfalls (like Dodd Creek Falls) in the Appalachian Foothills.

A Week In Utah

Seven days of back roads and red rocks await.  Hit Zion, Bryce Canyon, and Capitol Reef National Parks, squeeze through slot canyons, and stand where trailblazing pioneers once danced.

San Juan Skyway

Take a beautiful loop around the San Juan Mountains in southwestern Colorado, and stop in wild west towns like Telluride and Silverton.  It's beautiful in autumn, but winter isn't as bad as you'd expect, either.

Surf & Volcanic Turf Trip

This trip to Oregon explores a state shaped by volcanic activity and battered by the Pacific Ocean.  Drive up Paulina Peak, admire Tumalo Falls near Bend, and gaze into Crater Lake from a snowy Garfield Peak.

Beware Of Wesen

Fans of the TV show Grimm will recognize this house.  It's one of dozens of filming locations around Portland.  Take this tour of the city and see the highlights.

They Had A Blast Here

This spot is ground zero of the atomic age: the first place that an atomic bomb ever detonated.  Come to pay your respects, and maybe you'll leave with a healthy glow.

Above The Divide

Go for a hike in Glacier National Park.  This trail takes you over a hill to a hidden lake, surrounded by mountain peaks.

Center Of The Universe

Who would have guessed it's in Idaho?  And who would have thought you'd need a road sign to point you to it?

An Outstanding Light

They call Yaquina Head an "outstanding" natural area, and they aren't lying.  Check out the beautiful lighthouse around sunset, and search for starfish at low tide. 

Formerly Glaciers

They'd be your everyday stunning waterfalls, except for that amazing blue-green water. See what happens when the glaciers in Glacier National Park melt. 

Hell's Canyon, ID/OR

Drive along the bottom of the deepest gorge in the U.S. -- yes, even deeper than the Grand Canyon. See several massive power-generating dams, then climb to the top and look down on it all.

Toxic, And Rising

The Berkeley Pit in Butte, Montana is an environmental disaster, and a tourist attraction.  Pay $2 to peer into its murky waters, which keep creeping higher.

Radio Silence

Please turn off your cell phone.  It doesn't work here anyhow.  This corner of the Appalachian Mountains needs total radio silence, to scour the universe. 

A Steel Drivin' Man

You've heard the legend of John Henry, how he raced a steam drill and won.  Now, see the tunnel he actually helped dig, and the town that still remembers him.

Water, Water Everywhere

But you definitely don't want to take a swig of the Great Salt Lake.  A better idea: bring some bottled water and hike Antelope Island, located in the middle of the salty pond.

Weak In The Knees?

This swinging bridge is at least as sturdy as anything in an Indiana Jones movie. But it's not even the scariest part of a hike on West Virginia's Via Ferrata.

High Point Of Your Trip

It's not quite the biggest mountain in the northeast, but it is the titleholder in Vermont.  Drive to the top of Mount Mansfield, then gaze out on all of New England.

Grand Teton Hiking

You want a hike with a nice view, right? Choose the Taggart Lake Trail, or just about any other trail in Grand Teton National Park.

Alien Landing Pad

Devil's Tower looks like something created for a movie.  And it did play a starring role in "Close Encounters...".  This bizarre stack of igneous rock is worth the long drive into the middle of Wyoming's nowhere.

Utah's Famous Arch

You'll see it on the license plates and the welcome signs, and even the state quarter.  So why not hike up to Delicate Arch and see it for yourself? 

Bend's Famous Falls

You don't want to be the only person who visited Bend, but didn't take a picture of this waterfall, do you? Beautiful Tumalo Falls awaits.

The Miracle Dirt

Take the High Road to Taos, through some beautiful New Mexico backcountry, and stop at this adobe church for some dirt that works miracles.

No Room For Donuts?

A tiny town in the Florida panhandle has just one claim to fame: it's home to the world's smallest police station.

Any Life Out There?

If there is, New Mexico's Very Large Array will find it.  You've seen these dishes on TV and in movies, now check them out in real life.

Picture This Lighthouse

Arrive at sunset, and you won't be alone.  At the end of the day, photographers show up en masse to snap pictures of Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse on the Maine coast in Acadia National Park.

Getting Around NoLa

A ride on a New Orleans streetcar is mandatory.  It doesn't matter where you're going.  Hop on board and go for a ride around the Crescent City.

It's a Glory Hole

Really.  That's what it's called.  Glory Hole Falls.  This creek has worn a perfectly round hole into a cave, creating a one-of-a-kind waterfall.

It's a Waterfall Surprise

There are a hundred places to turn off US 101 and enjoy Oregon's Pacific Coast, but Hug Point has something special: a waterfall, pouring onto the beach.

Stand On This Corner

Plenty of towns have taken advantage of their spot on the Mother Road, but Winslow also celebrates its appearance in that classic song "Take It Easy".  It's such a fine sight to see.

Hike The Mississippi

You'll find an exact scale model of the Mississippi River in the middle of the Mississippi River, on Mud Island in Memphis.

Oh, THERE it is.

Spoiler alert.  "It" is a gift shop. And "it" is filled with every imaginable item that says "Here It Is".  But you probably won't be disappointed, since this is the whole reason you drive Route 66 -- funky roadside attractions.  And a jackalope you can ride.

Get Wrecked on the Beach

Beaches are all pretty boring.  Sand, some waves, maybe a seashell.  But one beach in Oregon is definitely out-of-the-ordinary.  Climb into this century-old shipwreck that's slowly rusting away.

A Spin Up The Spiral

For decades, it wasn't easy to get out of Lewiston, Idaho.  You had to take a slow, curvy, scary road.  Now, you don't have to take it, but you'll want to, because there's no better place for a view of the city.

The Little Lady Liberty

New York City is a long way from Idaho, but you can still pay your respects to a symbol of our freedom when you're in the potato state.  This Lady Liberty stands watch over mountains and a picturesque lake.

Windmills at Sunset

On the hills above Pincher Creek, Alberta, you'll find an outstanding wind farm.  Those hulking towers provide a great backdrop for those stunning Rocky Mountain sunsets.

A Bridge over wild waters

The Kootenai River is so ferocious, it provided the perfect setting for a Hollywood movie.  Go for a swing over the rapids, or check out the roaring waterfalls, near Libby, Montana.

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