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Telluride, Colorado
Tomboy Ghost Town & Mine

Tomboy Ghost Town and Mine Ruins

When you arrive at Tomboy, you'll find plenty of room to park.  The remnants of the town are nestled in between high mountain peaks, but surprisingly, the landscape is wide open.  Imogene Pass is only a little more than a mile away, so you're not at the top, but you're near it.

Tomboy Ghost Town and Mine Ruins

Piles of rock, splintered wood, machinery, glass, rusted metal, concrete foundations, and murky puddles are everywhere.

Tomboy Ghost Town and Mine Ruins

More equipment left to rust in the middle of nowhere.

Tomboy Ghost Town and Mine Ruins

This structure is one of the few that are still standing, however unstable it is.

Tomboy Ghost Town and Mine Ruins

Only the solid concrete core remains here, of what must have been a large building.

Tomboy Ghost Town and Mine Ruins

I'm not sure how many of these puddles will be around on a dry day.  During my visit, streams of runoff (below) were rushing through the middle of the debris.

Tomboy Ghost Town and Mine Ruins

Since Imogene Pass is only about 2 miles away, you should definitely continue on (if only to see what lies on the other side!).  I decided that due to the weather, and with time running short, I would return to Telluride instead.

Tomboy Road, near Telluride, Colorado

Driving back down Tomboy Road is an unanticipated treat.  For the return trip, the driver's side is facing the valley, giving you the chance to appreciate the view all over again.

ghost town buildings, Tomboy Road, near Telluride, Colorado

You may notice a few more shacks on the trip downhill.  These were near the first ruins, below the town site.

mud puddles, Tomboy Road, near Telluride, Colorado

Plenty of puddles.

Tomboy Road, near Telluride, Colorado, bridal veil falls

There it is, the view that made Telluride famous.

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